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It is a little known fact that most homeowners in the state of California over-water their lawns by up to 60%. In Southern California especially where we are surrounded by desert, it is incredibly important to conserve precious resources like water. By making the switch over to synthetic grass, you could be saving thousands of gallons of water each year while keeping your water bill down at the same time! By installing a new synthetic lawn rather than a new sod lawn, you could see a return on your investment in as little as 4 years.

While re-sodding a yard is less expensive up front, the longevity that you get out of a synthetic alternative like turf will pay for itself. A sod lawn has recurring costs such as watering, fertilizer, gas for mowing, aeration, seeding, a gardening/landscaping service, etc., while the artificial lawn requires minimal ongoing maintenance and little to no attention. Not only can we offer you the seamless installation of this superior product, but ASAP Flooring Services can also offer you the lowest prices anywhere on turf, guaranteed!

Turf installed by flooring company in Agoura Hills.

A typical sod lawn requires around 57 inches of water per year– that’s over 1 inch per week. While some comes from rain, the rest has to be provided by a local utility and can start to rack up some serious charges for you. In fact, a small lawn of only 1,000 sq. feet can consume upwards of 55,000 gallons of water each year! Our resources are precious and replicated grass allows you to put an environmentally friendly foot forward by cutting out water use, unnecessary use of pesticides, and other harmful landscaping materials that can have a negative impact on your surrounding environment and the ecosystems that may inhabit the location. With California still in drought danger, now is the time to step up your eco-friendly focus.

ASAP flooring installs artificial lawn in Agoura Hills.

In California, having an eco-conscious property can immensely increase the curb-appeal and, in turn, the overall value of your home. While maintaining an aesthetic and practical appeal, installing a synthetic lawn from ASAP Flooring Services could potentially be the best choice for your landscaping needs and tastes. Give your children a safe, hypoallergenic, fun space to burn some energy off during the day. Not only will you kids love this turf, but your pets will have a great time with it as well, being encouraged to play on it for hours!

Artificial Lawn Installation in Agoura Hills

If you were to choose a new sod lawn today and have someone install it, you’ll have no guarantee after it’s installed, watered and fertilized, that the grass will stay green and healthy through the summer. A synthetic grass alternative will never wilt or die, and will always be green and beautiful! Traditional sod lawns are becoming a thing of the past as we experience rising water costs and increasing calls for conservation around the globe.

Cost-Efficient Turf & Artificial Lawns from ASAP Flooring Services

An artificial lawn system by ASAP Flooring Services allows residents to have a lush, green lawn that looks and feels like the real thing, while remaining so practical that you are compelled to consider the option when the time comes for landscaping. To speak with our turf specialists, give us a call at (805) 549-4838 today.

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