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If you are looking to refresh the look of your home or workplace, new carpeting can add beauty and style to any room. ASAP Flooring Services in Westlake Village provides a wide selection of high-quality carpets in various designs and colors. Our flooring experts will take the time to understand your unique needs and wants so we can find the perfect carpet for your space. With our personalized customer service, efficient installation and affordable prices, we make updating your interior as stress-free as possible.

Walking on carpet is much more comfortable than walking on hard surfaces. Carpet is also not slippery, which makes it a much safer option when you have children that will be running around. Additionally, carpet is thermal resistant and can keep a room warm during the cold season which helps save on energy costs.

There are many types of carpet styles available today. When choosing the carpet for your home you are creating an environment that best reflects your personality.

Loop carpet is ideal for heavy traffic areas. This type of carpet is made up of looped “foot-print free” and uncut yarns on the surface. The pile height varies from a tight low to a lush high-level pile. The way that loop carpet is constructed makes this option very durable and hides the visibility of soil.

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Patterned carpet is also another strong and resilient type of carpet that is great for high traffic areas. This style combines high cut tufts and lower loops that shapes a range of textured patterns, which can help to hide stains and track marks.

Frieze style carpeting is also known as ‘Twists’ and consists of highly twisted yarns that give it a beautiful contemporary look. Friezes are also less likely to show footprints or vacuum marks compared to other cut pile

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Plush is an elegant style of carpet that has a soft and smooth texture. Plush carpet has a dense and deep pile weave that makes it enjoyable to walk on with bare feet. Even though this type of carpet is more prone to showing vacuum marks and footprints, this style is very aesthetically pleasing.

Textured cut piles are often referred to as “foot-print free” or “trackless”. This style is constructed by curled or kinked yarn. The curling of the fiber reduces light reflectance, which minimizes the appearance of footprints.

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Carpets are made from many different materials such as nylon, all natural and non-synthetic wool, and polyester. Understanding the fiber types used in carpeting will help you with deciding which carpet best suits your home or building’s needs.
Nylon is one of the most popular materials to use in carpeting due to its durability and high performance attributes. Nylon carpeting also provides a variation of color and style, and is also less likely to mat down than other fibers.

All natural and non-synthetic, wool carpet is an outstanding durable and resilient renewable fiber option. Although special care is needed when cleaning these carpets, wool carpeting is also naturally stain resistant and cleans very well. Wool is a more expensive fiber type, but if having an all-natural carpet is truly desired, wool is an excellent choice.

Polyester is also a popular carpet fiber option that offers many lovely color variations. Polyester carpet is stain-resistant and fade-resistant, which is perfect for areas of the room that are exposed to harmful sunlight.

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ASAP Flooring Services is dedicated to providing top-quality products and professional carpet installation for both residential and commercial customers. Our skilled team has the knowledge and expertise to quickly and properly install your new carpet. We cater to each client’s specific needs and goals to ensure that they have the carpeting that will make their space feel warm and inviting. To speak with one of our flooring specialists, give us a call at (805) 549-4838 today.

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